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Fun near the end of nine years

This has been one of my more stressful anniversaries. And an interesting year in general. I’m still out, still doing “the thing” about once a week or so. My husband has made it pretty clear he can tell when I’m … Continue reading

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Fucking done with Twitter

If they don’t start implementing some of the recommendations for curbing the abuse, and banning the abusers, literally before the month is out, I’m going to be done with them. They can go into the “never a site to use” … Continue reading

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Well, that was awkward

So yesterday, I posted a tweet paraphrasing a conversation I had with my husband regarding breakfast. “That’s not a burrito.” “@scalzi says it is.” “Scalzi says a lot of things, sweetheart.” This morning, I got an email from Twitter saying … Continue reading

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Three Months Later

Well, that’s definitely a confirmation for me. So far, I’m logging in once a week (or less) into Star Trek Online since I created an account there. My friends haven’t had to come kick me in the ass over it, … Continue reading

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An Experiment

I’ve decided to take the risk, and join up with Star Trek Online, in part as an experiment into why I might’ve been addicted in the first place. I think I know the original causes, and I’m just needing to … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a potentially nasty, knee jerk tendency to block people on forums I’m on, and in my blog, whenever they make a post that basically smacks the community around because they’ve become frustrated with something and … Continue reading

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Well, that was easy-ish…

I just started the deletion process for my femme Facebook account.

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No, I actually do have some privacy, thanks.

Despite my seemingly open nature, I may well be off Facebook by the end of the year. I can’t keep fighting to close off the holes for stuff I’d prefer NOT to disclose, like my location any given night.

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Moving on.

I submitted the cancellation order on my Second Life account tonight. I don’t use it anymore, and wish to move on. And I’m not making the mistake again of not getting enough girl time.

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While I’m not planning on self-medicating anytime…

…it’s still amusing that the spam I’m finally seeing at my female email is for online pharmacies.

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