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And it’s been ten years

I’m not sure if the time’s been flying or what. I’ve been doing this for a decade now. So, my marriage has been going pretty good. I can thank my abusers for basically kicking me into figuring out what I … Continue reading

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Fucking done with Twitter

If they don’t start implementing some of the recommendations for curbing the abuse, and banning the abusers, literally before the month is out, I’m going to be done with them. They can go into the “never a site to use” … Continue reading

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Well, that was awkward

So yesterday, I posted a tweet paraphrasing a conversation I had with my husband regarding breakfast. “That’s not a burrito.” “@scalzi says it is.” “Scalzi says a lot of things, sweetheart.” This morning, I got an email from Twitter saying … Continue reading

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…I guess I’m not as heart-healed as I thought. As I thought about it on the way home tonight from a family gathering, that I’ve lived for five years with my inability to self describe as being a nice person … Continue reading

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A Nice Person

I was emotionally abused in an online relationship for the better part of a year, about five to six years ago, by a man who lured me in, then introduced me to his wife, and also weaponized me against her, … Continue reading

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An Experiment

I’ve decided to take the risk, and join up with Star Trek Online, in part as an experiment into why I might’ve been addicted in the first place. I think I know the original causes, and I’m just needing to … Continue reading

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I ran across this today

The reasons you stay in an abusive relationship. http://pervocracy.blogspot.com/2011/07/why-does-she-stay-with-that-jerk.html

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Food for thought…

Mike finally floated his alternate theory about the bad poly situation I was in, that maybe they were in together on it the whole time and it was some twisted sick head game they were playing with me.

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Is it bad that…

…when I discover that the two people of my last bad hideously abusive poly nightmare relationship experience have both created accounts on a forum like the one I met them through, that I now consider said forum too unsafe to … Continue reading

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Two drinks, two hours of Batman Begins, and I feel fuckloads better than I did right after reading that article. I’m guessing it was more the deliverance of comeuppance (albeit fictional) than anything. Catharsis achieved.

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