I did kill my last Twitter account a few weeks ago. So far, I haven’t missed it. I sincerely doubt, at this point, even if they start providing the good tools, that they’ll make sufficient changes to the service to make it possible for people to properly curate their experiences there and make it impossible for the abuse to happen – they’re too wedded to the idea that “free speech is absolute” to consider that too many people out there abuse the privilege. Yes, on a service provided by a corporation, speech is indeed a privilege – only the government is restricted to needing an absolute overriding reason, such as safety, to prevent someone from speaking freely.

At this point, much like forums (I rarely join up with forums, because few of them take the need for safe space making seriously), I’m not really big on joining social networks anymore. Tumblr is probably going to be the last social media service I ever join, and I’m putting thought into closing down the remaining ones that I have accounts on that I don’t visit.


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Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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