Well, that was awkward

So yesterday, I posted a tweet paraphrasing a conversation I had with my husband regarding breakfast.

“That’s not a burrito.” “ says it is.” “Scalzi says a lot of things, sweetheart.”

This morning, I got an email from Twitter saying Rose had “liked” it. She uses a pretty unique username, so I’m sure it was her.

My Twitter account was opened after all that stuff had gone down between us, and uses a different username than any I’d used regularly at the time, so I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize whose account it is. Plus, I’ve had people not recognize me in photos, and she really had only seen me in convenience mode or as a Second Life avatar anyway.

I went ahead and applied a block; she had no desire to see me or talk to me again, and now that I’m aware she’s there, I can take steps to ensure that wish is respected. Plus, I’d really prefer to not see her username come up in my feed; while I will always regret my behavior towards her, I also don’t feel like chancing her getting back in touch and attempting to get me to untangle my own feelings and what happened between us. Basically, I don’t really want to see or talk to her again either, nor do I want to untangle her role in the abuse I suffered.

Yeah, my feelings regarding this are pretty damned mixed right now.


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