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Well, that was easy

I’ve copied all of my content over to my newly minted account over at WordPress, so come be my groupie over there. I won’t be deleting my Livejournal account, mostly because I still belong to a few useful communities. But … Continue reading

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Wow, that’s twice in a row that LJ’s been unavailable during the day. Sorry, LJ, if you haven’t managed to harden yourselves against DDOS attacks by this point, I feel you don’t get to have my money. And in fact… … Continue reading

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Well, now I have to resist the urge to purge

My miniskirts, that is. I was just at the B&N up the road, surfing after meeting with a friend and otherwise relaxing, when a girl half my age sat down across the dias from me, in a tight miniskirt, and … Continue reading

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Well, there goes some more of my time

I signed up on today. Don’t I already have enough to do in my life to be adding another thing to cherry pick events from?

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