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Sometimes, you try something, and don’t get nearly what you expected out of it. I’m tired of hitting against that wall. Time to pick myself up, and try it somewhere else. Advertisements

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Done with the weekend.

I am now thoroughly and completely full up on girl time… hopefully this’ll do me for a few weeks. I really do hope to find the best balance point soonish on this. It’s really, really tiring to think one’s getting … Continue reading

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My mood’s gone sour…

…so I’m gonna go for a weekend to build back up some ‘femme equity’ and get some of my balance back.

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Chapping my hide

OK, some geeks really, really, really need to get comfortable with themselves, and not try to find excuses. And I say this as a geek. Given where I fall in the gender spectrum, I really do find the whole … Continue reading

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OK, before anyone of you tells me I’m lucky about removable breasts…

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On a note about last night…

…I’m disappointed in a friend who did NOT show up last night to see a mutual friend who’s in town for the weekend. I blew off a relatively important group event to do this because I felt it was more … Continue reading

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