Another day of girl time for me, to make up for the three weeks I went with minimal time. I went shopping for several things today:

  • Bits for a hanging lamp DIY project to eliminate a bad shadow spot in my computer room.
  • New shoes for work.
  • Unmentionables, mostly bras.

After picking up the second at the mall, I was heading back to the car, stopped at the curb before crossing, and my right kneeboot’s heel suddenly bent forward as I put weight on it. I made it back to the car, got in, drove over to the Target to get item 3, and before leaving the car again, I looked at my boot, then bent the heel back with brute force.

While it rendered the boot servicable for the rest of my shopping run, it was obvious near the end of it that the heel was no longer true. My right ankle was starting to make protests via stiffness, and I could tell it was also affecting my left ankle and the sole of that foot, since my gait was being pulled every so slightly to one side.

I now have to start shopping for kneeboots. Thankfully, I can get by with other footwear until this is accomplished. Still, frustrating.


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