Wow, that was anticlimatic of a start

I came out to my parents last night as a crossdresser. Mom admit to being uncomfortable, and thinks I shouldn’t do it on account of some of what’s been in the news, Angie Zapata being the big one. I gave her reassurances about going to vouched for venues and out with good friends.

We’ll see how they settle in the next few months. I don’t expect it to be a smooth road, but at least I’m not omitting information about what I’m doing some days.


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Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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One Response to Wow, that was anticlimatic of a start

  1. aboutjake says:

    *HUG* I’m very proud of you and happy for you.

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