Disappointment Takes Many Forms

I found out last night that the management at Tracks has decided that, since they have the bulk of the people showing up after nine for the Rock Band Night, that they’re changing the opening time from 7 to 9.

I have a problem with this, obviously.

First, if I keep to my normal show up, leave at 11, this basically will cut off any idea of drinking so that I’m OK to drive, and on top of that, I’d only be there for two, maybe two and a half hours, tops. So, in that vein, they lose out on $10-15 worth of income from me, right off the bat. And then there’s the fact that it takes me over a half hour to get myself into a clubbing look, and, well, it becomes a serious chore for little gain.

Secondly, if I were to merely stay later, that basically puts me as leaving at 1, and getting back here, cleaning up, and in bed at 2. This, obviously, is a bit of a problem, as I have a day job that I get up for. Granted, I don’t have to actually get myself out of bed until 6:45, but one can do the math and realize this is pretty well non-optimal. I can do that a couple of times a month at the most before I really start suffering, since I’m no longer a young little clubbable thing. Hence, I’d do it at most once a month. They’d see $10-15 for one night, as opposed to four.

I’m not really keen on either option, to be blunt, and I think it would take something pretty amazing for me to keep going semi-regularly. I’m still going next week, but that’s because Blade, the current hostess, promised something special for us regulars.


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3 Responses to Disappointment Takes Many Forms

  1. That’s a shame. =/ I’m sorry that the time change is so terribly inconvenient, as I know how much you like going, and this messes it up. Lame.

    • lynnindenver says:

      Yeah, it’s incredibly inconvenient for me. I’m pretty well going to stop going after this next week, actually, and rearrange my social schedule to get something else going that I’ve got an interest in. A place called the D Note is holding a trivia night on Thursdays that I’m looking to get in on with some friends, including my friend Rhaab who’s gone to a couple of the Rock Band nights with me, and usually leaves a half hour after their new opening time, hence he’s no longer even going to go to that.

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