One Year

This weekend marks the end of the my first year going out as Lynn.

So far, I haven’t encountered anything that would be described as negative, except maybe a handful of stares from people. People I’ve known for years, and that I’ve told, haven’t done anything more than a ‘whatever you want’ reaction. Here’s the current tally:

Two friends who I have friended to this blog, both of whom are also in the TG community (you know who you are. *hugs*)

Mike, Shane, Rob, and Marji. Part of my group of good, close friends that I’ve been able to trust with this, and have now seen me as Lynn and shown not a single issue with it.

My brother, just because.

Betty St. Claire, who makes jewelry from real roses, and sells at RenFaire every year. I told her because I wanted some of her pieces for myself, and she needed to fit them to my neck. Also, Kim, one of her RenFaire workers, who I’ve worked with in the past when I worked for Betty myself.

My old coworker Gary, who saw me at the last RenFaire, and gave no issue himself with it.

Duane and Louie, who own Las Margaritas. I enjoy going for the food there, in either mode.

Also, out of the milestones I’ve made in the past year:

I’ve been shopping.

I’ve had my nails done.

I’ve been clubbing.

I’ve been out for meals.

I’ve been out with groups where I’m the only one dressed.

I’ve had my ears pierced.

I’ve been to the art museum.

I’ve been downtown for Pride Fest.

I’ve participated in an outreach at a college.

All in all, my first year has been very, very positive. I’m looking forward to my second year. On the list for this second year:

Going to a local music show with my friends.

Telling my parents.

Doing a whole weekend dressed.

Getting my hair styled for an outing.

Yes, I know, not too many things on the list. I expect it to get longer as I get into the second year.

About lynnindenver

Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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