I would seem to have been negligent lately in keeping up this journal. So, time for some catch up:

Carrie was up again for Labor Day weekend, this time for a show at BJ’s, then a trip to the art museum the next day. Going out as Lynn during daylight hours is getting easier and easier. I can tell that some people can read me, but I haven’t gotten any comments directed at me, so I can’t be doing all that badly.

I’m past the 8 week mark now for my piercings, so I can put in what I want, within reason. I’m still not far enough along that I can wear heavier dangling earrings, but at least I’m not stuck with silver ball studs, either.

With that said, whatever Icing puts in their gold ‘sensitive ears’ studs is NOT good enough gold alloy. I put a pair in for a weekend, and by then end of it, the left was itching, and the right was rather… sore from having yanked a tshirt across it early on that weekend. When I pulled them out to swap back to the steel posts, they were discolored to more copper than gold, that the alcohol didn’t really touch when I swabbed them down. I’m hoping that I don’t have a sensitivity that bad to the nongold component of the higher grade alloys.

My last meeting as a general member of the Tri-Ess chapter is on Saturday. This meeting includes a couple of makeovers. Next month, I’ll be at meetings as club Secretary.

Also, I have the ‘me as Lynn’ dinner with my friends rescheduled for this Sunday evening. Right now, everyone’s confirmed, and we’re working out potential carpool arrangements so that we don’t take up 4 whole spots in the parking lot.


About lynnindenver

Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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