Well, that was annoying

Well, for those of you who don’t know, my old main monitor was giving me indications it was slowly but surely dying. I was nursemaiding it along as best I could, but a couple of weeks ago, it finally gave up. As a temporary measure, I moved the monitor from my XP machine to the Mac to get me by for a while. But, the fact that it wasn’t capable of the same resolution, along with the fact that the Macintosh version of the Second Life client is, by far, inferior, means that it wasn’t ideal.

Now, I have a new Acer flatpanel on my desk. The resolution isn’t *quite* the same as the old one, but it’s within a couple hundred pixels, and is widescreen. Also, my desk is not now dominated by a beige box with a CRT in it.

Maybe later I’ll move some of the computer hardware to behind it, like I’ve got things set up at work.


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