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A little bit from my support network

[2008/08/21 19:33] Lynn Silverstar: 🙂 [2008/08/21 19:34] Jess Patton: hiya 🙂 [2008/08/21 19:34] Lynn Silverstar: Not RPing tonight, I’m hanging at the Trangender Resource Center. [2008/08/21 19:35] Jess Patton: ahh .. any good stuff? [2008/08/21 19:35] Lynn Silverstar: Support for … Continue reading

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Please forgive me, for I have sinned. (Old wounds)

Well, just to give you the gist the bad year I had, starting in 2007 and continuing through to the middle of this year: I was in two seemingly wonderful online relationships near the end of 2006. One of these … Continue reading

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OK, minimal internet for a while

Because I’ve got WorldCon to be at. See you all again on Monday. 🙂

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