RenFair Quartet

RenFair Quartet
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We went to RenFair, and had fun together. Virginia didn’t meet up with us, but made it on time, and we got together once we were all inside the gates.

We really didn’t see a lot of shows, our shopping natures took over, although I didn’t have any money to really spend. I did get some ideas for outfits, both RenFair and otherwise. We hit a few jewelry booths, but I think we managed to find all the clothing booths there.

We stopped by Fleur duJour, the owner of which I know personally. She was happy to see us, Virginia bought a necklace from her, and I promised that I wanted to look at some pieces when I get money again.

Heather got a new skirt to go with her top and corset that’s long enough to wear as her Fair costume.

I got a pewter necklace with a rose on a green background, which I’ll wear elsewhere. Gee, I sense a theme.

Carrie got a necklace and an anklet for herself.

Once Fair was over (we left just before the closing cannon), we went to Castle Rock and ate at Village Inn.

Overall, a fun time was had by all of us, and I got quite a bit of Lynn time in. This should make up for me having 5 days wiped out here in about a week with WorldCon.


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