Girls’ Day Out

What a fun weekend I had! My friend Carrie came up from Colorado Springs so that we could do a “Girls’ Day Out” together. We had a few things planned in the day, and only a day to get through them. I threw on a plain blue top, and a dark blue miniskirt with a brown pattern on it, along with my new open toe sandal wedges, and we headed out.

Our first stop, since we were running a bit late (no surprise there!), was Las Margaritas over in Belmar in West Denver. We were seated pretty quick, although the place seemed to be pretty busy. The owners are a kind gay couple, that I happen to know in drab. Until this time, they hadn’t learned about Lynn, now they definitely know about me. There was no reaction, we talked for a couple of minutes before we were left to finish our meal.

Once finished, and our bill was paid up, we went to a nail salon recommended by Phyllis of Phyllis Fantasies to get manicures and pedicures. I went for a bright red polish on my toenails, and french for my fingernails. Carrie opted for a more purplish polish for her toes with a little pattern on the big toes, and pink for her fingers. I’ll say, it’s nice to be so pampered, especially on the weekend. I’ll be doing it a lot more here in the future.

With our polish dry enough to survive us heading back out, we went over to Southwest Plaza to partake in some shopping. We stopped by one dress place, where I couldn’t find a single thing that fit. The next place, Deb’s, was a bit better for both of us. I got a red and black top that I’ll be on a mission to find a skirt or pair of pants to match. Carrie got a few tops herself, most of them for wearing to work (lucky girl!).

We stopped by an Asian place to look at cheongsams, but I didn’t find anything that I was sure would fit me, so we marched on, although I still so want to get one to wear to a gala event. We also stopped by a place that was selling nothing but skirts and tops, where I got a proper ankle length brown skirt with velour trimwork on it, that I’ll have to find a proper blouse for soon. We finished by looking at Icing, although I nixed the idea of getting my ears pierced, at least this time. Bad enough that I was planning on inflicting my painted nails on my coworkers, the earrings might’ve been a bit much on top of that.

Once we were determined we were finished spending our hard earned money, we went back to my apartment, where I changed into a black sleeveless turtleneck top, and my bronze double square skirt I made a few months ago, and she changed into black capri pants and a sparkly black and white top. From there, we went to my Tri-Ess meeting, where we had Matt Kailey giving a talk on female deportment. learned a few things, and got at least one point from earlier about my walk reinforced. Carrie was pretty on the mark about ‘one foot in front of the other, you walk kinda like a guy otherwise’. It’s something to work on for me yet.

We finished out the evening by going to Tracks and dancing the night away to the 80’s music in the Heaven’s Lounge. I hope I broke my new sandals in doing it, I was getting a rub spot on my left pinky toe partway through the evening. We managed to make it home, but I admit that I was pretty much dead on my feet at that point. I was a bit jealous, Carrie could go right to bed on the futon while I had to go and wash my makeup off before I could turn in. Oh well, might be time to look into the laser surgery for my face.

All in all, I had a really good time, and I’m wanting to get another day like that very, very soon.


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Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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