I hate politics

There appears to be a nasty war between the Transgender Resource Center and Transgender Lounge in Second Life. Right now, all I have a little heresy from some of those who feel like they’ve been wronged, but I think Miya had a point in her last blog posting.

The true victims of this are the people being driven away from both places by all this.

I’ll admit, I’m close to being one of them. That, and the controversial rights discussion over in the Transgender community here in Livejournal, makes me wonder more and more if I should go ahead and consider myself a victim in the various crossfires, and give up on the online portions of the TG community.

I mean, really, this is not making me optimistic on the community’s chances of getting social freedoms anytime soon.


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Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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4 Responses to I hate politics

  1. Aiaiai… real drama doesn’t stop in the virtual world i guess.
    I really miss that game, it was pretty important in finding myself… first, by rediscovering my comfort running around stealth, and later having the support of everyone at the TRC.
    Funny, videogames have given me quite a bit of solace through the years. Before SL it was Ultima Online, before that it was the single player RPGs.
    At any rate, I can’t run SL anymore, it crashes my linux now unfortunately. I’m saddened to hear that this sort of strife is going on… it’s a shame, there’s only so many of us, i hate to see things get fracturous. =/

    • lynnindenver says:

      I’ve been getting something out of hanging out at the Center, and the Lounge, but seeing the stuff going on, and hearing some things, and knowing there’s a serious undercurrent of politics and retaliations going on, is kinda poisoning it for me right now.
      Seems like things local to both of us are at least not quite as bad, though. At least IRL you have to deal with people face to face. 😛

    • okoura says:

      Yeah the Gnu/Linux SL clients suck big time :-/
      I had a working one from this site –> http://www.byteme.org.uk/secondlife-amd64/binary-packages.html but recently it began crashing too.
      Heh and the official client does not even allow me to log in as copy and paste does not work at all. (so no accessing my password manager)

      • oh. well… it’s my videocard too. It’s an intel chipset, and support is lackluster. It’s my own fault; I knew better, but I’m not much of a gamer anymore, so I didn’t bother getting something better. I just hope my card stays functional enough for compiz and kde4 effects. =)

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