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Interesting Evening

Me and some friends who knows about Lynn went to see Soul School at a place called the Supreme Court. Well, I had forgotten where it was, mainly that it was attached to the Adam’s Mark hotel downtown. Well, the … Continue reading

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I hate politics

There appears to be a nasty war between the Transgender Resource Center and Transgender Lounge in Second Life. Right now, all I have a little heresy from some of those who feel like they’ve been wronged, but I think Miya … Continue reading

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I’m getting tired of exclusionary transwomen saying I have less rights just because I’m a crossdresser. And I’ve only been looking into the transgender community for 4 months. Especially those who say crossdressers are just perverts in skirts.

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Definite Improvement

Got my new breast forms today, wearing them now as I eat, as soon as I’m finished with food, I’m gonna put on my makeup and head to BJ’s Carousel to see the shows.

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Just for those who wonder

I’m working on spending less time in Second Life, and individual chat, and more time doing things at home, and out, and all that. Right now, I’ve found it still too easy to be home, and reach for that little … Continue reading

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Looks like another rough month for SL

They finally get the ‘Friend Online’ webpage back, well, online after OVER A FUCKING WEEK, only to now have the beast of delayed stipend payments rear its ugly assed head again. This is getting damned annoying, just like the last … Continue reading

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