Not sure which is worse

For those of you who don’t know, I spend time in Second Life when I’m at home doing nothing. Part of that has been discovering that I have the feminine tendency to go shopping.

I have one major bitch about many shops in SL, that set themselves in skyboxes well above the flight ceiling, then stack product higher than your typical view window when zoomed in so you can see it. I don’t like being forced into using the camera controls to scroll around, even though that’s my usual method for shopping.

Well, I just encountered a store that somehow made it worse. It’s below the flight ceiling, but flight is explicitly disabled. And it’s a multilevel store, too.

So, not only am I forced to use the camera controls, but it also forces me to move around at walk or run speeds, rather than the much faster flight speed. And to use the ramp to the second level, going ALL the way around, to get to the lucky chairs.

I hate it when I get limited like that.


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Lynn is the identity of a tgirl residing in Denver, Colorado, standing member of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, and general social gurl.
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2 Responses to Not sure which is worse

  1. gravecat says:

    Honestly, I haven’t seen a great deal of shops based in skyboxes, as such things usually tend to be reserved for private residences. But there’s always freebie flight assists around — I hear good things about the flight feather, though I use the flight band myself. Honestly, I’m not even sure why they still have a flight ceiling, since it doesn’t stop 95% of people anyway. It seems arbitrary and pointless.
    As for the no-flight thing, I can assist there too! Just hit Ctrl-Alt-D to open the Client/Server menus if you haven’t already, then either hit Ctrl-Alt-V or select View Admin Options in the Client menu (at the bottom). That’ll allow you to fly in no-fly areas, as well as unlock some other handy functions. :3

    • lynnindenver says:

      Most of my beef is that they’re even forcing one to use things like flight assist and debugging/admin options to get around it. It’s annoying, and completely unnecessary in a shopping environment there.
      Now, a roleplaying sim, I can more than live within the flight limits, if they’re imposed. Since then it typically has a reason to be there. But in a storefront, as a customer? No.

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